When Dogs Are Replaced With Sparkling Stones


It comes as little or no surprise at all when we say that aesthetic appeal nowadays is more important than ever. Looking back a few centuries ago, the situation was quite different, there was no excessive need to show off your wealth status among the majority of population, and although there were instances of very rich people displaying their wealth to the public, such cases where limited to them only. However, with the growth of wealth and the expansion of industrialization, the enrichment of all social classes was inevitable. Consequently, this lead to the development of new trends, especially among the female population that now began to look for all kinds of ways in order to feel more attractive.

The lost generation

The major turning point and the event that lead to the creation of that insatiable craze for sparkling stones was the popularization of diamonds. This included everything from diamond earrings, rings, necklaces, to all other sorts of custom jewellery one could wear. This artificial need was embedded in the minds of people by powerful mining and crafting companies that simply wanted to increase their profits by creating a marketplace for their product. There are a couple of methods they used to achieve this. Firstly, they appealed to the emotional side of the population by saying that “a diamond lasts forever”, on top of that, the popularity of Marilyn Monroe and her saying that a diamond is a girl’s best friend led to an unfathomable craze for diamonds.

Thus, the new trend began to develop, as even the male population started accepting and seeing it as something suitable to present as a give to their women. Of course, what better gift than the most sought-after commodity of the time, a pair of sparkling diamond earrings would know her off her feet on the spot. This trend was so firmly established that an entire industry sprung up from the profit, turning billions of dollars’ worth in jewelry on a yearly basis. It can also be said that this was one of the contributing factors to making our society more materialist as a whole, as one’s status and worth could now be mirrored in the quality and price of a precious gem he was wearing.

Even nowadays, there seems to be no end, as more expensive and more beautifully crafted jewelry appears at such a rate, that we pour all our wealth just to obtain it, even though, at the end of the day, it is just a shiny rock bought with some paper.